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The Transmigration of Timothy Archer

The Transmigration of Timothy Archer was Philip K. Dick's final work. It was published shortly after his untimely death in March 1982 from a series of strokes. It is one of his most overtly philosophical and intellectual works. It is narrated throughout by Angela Archer, unusual in Dick's work as he usually employed multiple narrators. It is a very questioning and occasionally despairing work, but ultimately life affirming. The subtlety of the plot development, the intellectual rigour of the discussions that take place, both conversational and interior monologue and most of all the wonderfully expressed character of Angela Archer make this, a most rewarding work, a fact that makes his death shortly before publication all the greater loss. Philip K. Dick is often cited as the main influence on the Cyberpunk movement led by William Gibson, but as this work, and titles as diverse as the inventive Eye in the Sky[?] and Martian Time Slip, the moving Galactic Pot Healer[?], the complex and yet delicate The Man in the High Castle and the chilling yet deeply moving A Scanner Darkly show, there was much more to his genius than just influence.

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