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Die Siedler von Catan/Seefahrer

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You can build shipping lines in the water like roads with Wool and Wood. Shipping lines can be shifted in the water as long as they don't yet connect two settlements. There is an additional robber piece, which is a pirate. Placing the pirate next to an opponent's shipping line does two things: You steal a resource, and no ships can be built bordering the pirate.

This is also the first expansion with Gold Tiles. When the number is rolled on the gold, anyone bordering it has their choice of resources. Plus the gold always goes on an outside island. Another feature is that if you use unexplored territory, either having them flipped over, or actually placing them as they are built to, there is a rule that you get a resource from each tile that is newly explored. There are more occasions for VPs, so games are generally played to a higher score. This expansion also comes with a frame that you can assemble. This frame is useful in keeping the pieces together.

Seafarers also has a scenario called Greater Catan which requires two original Settlers sets to play.

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