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The Mississauga Blob

The Mississauga Blob is an unexplained flaming reddish-orange cylindrical "blob" that fell on a back-yard picnic table about 5:00 pm on Saturday, June 26, 1979.

While Mississauga, Ontario residents Traven Matchett and his daughter Donna were in their backyard, when a flaming object plummeted onto their picnic table[?], landing with "a sickening thud". The object just missed nineteen-year-old Donna's head. Donna quickly extinguished the flames with the garden hose[?]. At first contact, the glowing, intensely flaming object was measured with its "perfectly" cylindrical column of flames at 18 inches high.

It turned into a flat, dark green rock, 8 inches wide, within little time. In this state, the object had a fibrous, "pock-marked" texture.

Traven Matchett contacted the Pearson International Airport[?] (then Toronto International Airport), the nearby Canadian Armed Forces Base[?], the University of Toronto, and the Ontario Science Centre[?]. All the contact phoned by Mr. Matchett offered no solution. This lack of results lead him to directly decide to contact The Toronto Sun[?]; a story by one of their reporters was published in the next issue on Sunday, June 27, 1979.

This story then caught like wildfire, or in this case, blob-fire, spawning phone calls and visits from media around the GTA[?], and world-wide. "This place was like Grand Central Station…" Mr. Matchett later commented to Dwight Whallen of Pursuit[?] magazine.

With this media attention, the blob finally received the due attention of authorities. The Ontario Ministry of the Environment[?] sent an inspector; Peel Regional Police[?] questioned the family and neighbours on the occurrence. To put an end to the questioning, it was simply dismissed as "common plastic", just a "flaming Frisbee" thrown into their yard. Anomalies collector Charles Fort has called this "a skyfall[?]." This sort of anomaly is paralleled to powdre ser[?], a Welsh term meaning rot of the stars. Whether it was plastic, or a skyfall, or something else that has yet to been discovered remains unknown.

This private residence is located on 789 Melton Drive in Mississauga; the Matchetts are no longer the residents.


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