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The Italian Job

Warning: Wikipedia contains spoilers.

The Italian Job is a comedy caper[?] film from 1969, which is very famous and highly popular in the UK and has a cult following in the other parts of the world. It stars Michael Caine as dapper criminal boss Charlie Croker and Noel Coward as the criminal mastermind in jail. Playing a very minor role as one of the gang was Robert Powell in his first big screen role. The plot is based a British gang who stage a gold bullion robbery in Turin by sabotaging the traffic-control computer and escaping in spite of the resulting traffic jam using Mini getaway cars and a carefully planned route.

One notable aspect of the film is that the gang is seen planning the heist and getaway, with an incompetence that exasperates Croker.

The film is also famous for its city-based stunts (arranged by Equipe Rémy Julienne) involving the Minis, and its dramatic destruction of expensive Lamborghini, Aston Martin and Jaguar sports cars in the stunning Alpine setting. The three Minis race through a shopping complex, over roofs and even down the steps of a church. They make their getaway on a coach - driving up a ramp on the back whilst still driving along! The getaway Minis are then pushed out of the still moving coach as it speeds round hairpin bends.

Successfully on their way to Switzerland, the gang celebrate in the back of the bus as the distinctive theme tune by Quincy Jones begins. The main theme is titled "Getta Bloomin' Move-On" but this tune and variations of it are played several times throughout the film and it is usually referred to as "The Self Preservation Society" song. A mistake by the driver send the vehicle into a skid. The film ends with the coach teetering on the edge of the cliff, the audience left not knowing whether the coach and its occupants survive. A literal Cliff-hanger ending!

Sequels & remakes

There were plans to do a sequel but, perhaps as to not spoil the ending, plans were shelved.

A remake of the movie, set in Los Angeles and starring Mark Wahlberg as Charlie Croker, is scheduled for release in 2003.

Computer Game

A popular video game based on the film was released in 2002.

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