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The Hot Chick

The Hot Chick is a 2002 comedy film. Although meant to be a comedy, the film tackles many social issues, such as acceptance of different people, relationships between parents and children, the idea that some people of both sexes have that members of the other sex have easier lives, and the fact that sometimes people wrongly stereo-type others.

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The Hot Chick starts when a girl, Jessica, and her friends visit the mall to hang out and do some shopping. They enter a new age store, where they check out a few items they like. Among those, a pair of exotic earrings. Since they are not for sale, Jessica steals them.

Meanwhile, in another part of town, Clive, a career criminal, is robbing a gas station. All he can get there are nachos with cheese and drinks. Jessica and her friends pull over as Clive is leaving the place, and confuse him with a service man. They ask him to check their car, and Clive obeys so that he would not raise suspicion. When the girls leave, Jessica had lost one of her earrings, which Clive finds and picks up, thinking it had monetary value.

Later on, Jessica and Clive both try on the earrings, triggering a chain of events that changed their lives. Jessica wakes up to find herself trapped in Clives body, and Clive finds himself in Jessicas. To complicate things further, Jessica has a cheerleading event coming up soon.

Jessica goes to school in Clives body, triggering many comical situations. She gets a job as a school janitor and is able to convince her friends she really is Jessica, in a man's body, but she has trouble convincing everybody else. As the school janitor, she finds out that her best friend's boyfriend only wants her best friend for sex[?], and that her boyfrend really loves her. She also finds how hard so called manly situations like going to men's restrooms and other things could be to men.

Clive, wearing Jessicas body, finds himself in more or less the same situation. He feels how disgusted some women may feel when men tell them sexual phrases, and finds himself as the object of attraction to many men. Nevertheless, he uses the situation to his advantage, using his new looks to steal cars from men and to get a well paying job at a bar as a dancer.

In their desperation, Jessica and her friends return to the store where they got the earrings, and find out those earrings were cursed, as a princess of the past who was supposed to marry someone she did not love used the earrings to turn into another person and be able to escape her fate.

One of Jessicas friends sees Clive, using Jessicas body, in the news when a video of him beating up a man was shown. They start looking for Clive and find him working at the bar, where they try to negociate with him. Clive does not want his new, lucrative body to go back to its original owner, so Jessica takes it back, by stealing the one earring that Clive wears and putting it on, causing them to trade bodies as Clive gives a lap dance to a client, Jessicas best friend's (now) ex-boyfriend.

The movie was produced by Adam Sandler, who also had a small role in it. It was directed by Tom Brady[?], and Tia and Tamara Mowry had a couple of cameos in it.


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