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The Core

The Core (2003) is a science-fiction disaster movie very loosely based on the novel Core by Paul Preuss.


Strange things are happening on Earth's surface—everybody with a pacemaker drops dead at once within a 10-block radius. The pigeons in London's Trafalgar Square lose their internal navigational ability and start smashing into windshields and breaking panes of glass.

The world soon realizes the cause of these anomalies: the Earth's core has stopped rotating. Within a year, the Earth will lose its electromagnetic shield and will be fried by solar radiation.

A team of "terranauts" is recruited to drill down to Earth's core and set off a series of nuclear explosions hopefully to restart the core's rotation. To aid their $50 billion journey, they use a newly-developed laser that can cut through rock and an indestructible metal called "Unobtainium."

The film received mostly mixed reviews, primarily due to its B-movie look and feel and dubious pseudo-science.

Directed by Jon Amiel[?]. Starring Aaron Eckhart[?], Delroy Lindo, Hilary Swank[?], and Stanley Tucci[?].

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