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I think λ should be explained with a link to wavelength. Also I is not explained. The article should start with a definition, not with period and frequency.

The angular frequency formula is correct. --AxelBoldt

--- Reorganized concentrating on simpler topics first. Come on... don't formula look better in another font:

  like this?

Hmm. Sorry, didn't check this page before, I just changed it back. With my browser/settings, formulae look much better like this:

v = ω / k = λf ,
than like this:

   v = ω / k = λf .

But that's just for me. Feel free to change it back. -- DrBob

Examples of waves Sea-waves, which are perturbations that propagate through water (see also surfing and tsunami). Sound - a mechanical wave that propagates through air, liquid or solids, and is of a frequency detected by the auditory system. Similar are seismic waves in earthquakes, of which there are the S, P and L kinds. Light, radio waves, x-rays, etc. make up electromagnetic radiation. Propagating here is

'a disturbance of the electromagnetic field. '

does it want to mean that before "pass a light wave" there is a quiet magnetic field?

I agree that is was oddly formulated. I changed it. - Patrick 15:23 Feb 18, 2003 (UTC)

Perfect, but now i think there is another little incongruence. The first paragraph say about waves: "Waves have a medium through which they travel and can transfer energy from one place to another without any of the particles of the medium being displaced permanently". Is not correct to say that for all the kind of waves and to say a few lines later that electromanetic waves don't need a medium...

PS: I would correct it myself but my englis is very bad. (Sorry by the lot of mistakes that is sure I have wroten in this short comment).

I was not quite happy with this incongruence either; I have put the exception higher up. May be you can improve it further. Do not worry too much about the English, that can be corrected. - Patrick 22:54 Feb 18, 2003 (UTC)

It's confusing that "x" is used in the picture to refer to the amplitude. There is an equation down below where "y" is used. --dave

I've changed the image. If it is generally agreed that this new one is better, someone should go to the image discription page and delete the old one. Theresa knott 23:32 Apr 6, 2003 (UTC)

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