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Anyone want to tackle - string (small version of rope), string (general chain of various things), string (music), etc. - not just the computer version.

Also, string theory of cosmology/physics.

Also, I think the usage in computing theory could be expanded in its own paragraph: one starts with a finite alphabet, then considers all finite sequences consisting of letters from that alphabet (including the empty string) and defines concatentation of strings. The set of string with concatentation is then a monoid.

I won't try to expand the second paragraph; I'm inclined to leave that to the computation article, or to whoever can concisely expand it without detracting from the rest of the page. --loh

I think something definitely needs to be added about the other meanings of string. Ukulele is already linked to this page, which is somewhat confusing. Although, I'm not sure how much content can actually be provided for the other meanings. Maybe this article should be moved to String (computer science)[?] or something, and this page be turned into a disambiguation page. B4hand

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