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Systematic element name

The IUPAC uses a systematic naming system for new chemical elements. The systematic system is used temporarily until a permanent name can be agreed about. In the case of elements 104 and higher, this has been a protracted and highly political process (see element naming controversy).

This is how it works:

Number Name
0 nil
1 un
2 bi
3 tri
4 quad
5 pent
6 hex
7 sept
8 oct
9 enn
and ium added on at the end. (or "um" if two I's next to each other) eg Ununbi + ium = Ununbium.


    Element 115 1(un) + 1(un) + 5(pent) + ium = Ununpentium. (Uup)
    Element 123 1(un) + 2(bi) + 3(tri) + ium = Unbitrium[?]. (Ubt) 
    Element 208 2(bi) + 0(nil) + 8(oct) + ium = Biniloctium[?]. (Bno)

See also: alkan[?].

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