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Super Mario Bros (TV)

The Super Mario Bros Super Show is the only Mario TV show that is syndicated. The first part of it is live action and it shows Mario and Luigi living in Brooklyn New York where they get visited by Celebrity Guest Stars. The second part is a cartoon based on Super Mario Bros and Super Mario Bros 2 where Mario Luigi Princess Peach Toadstool and Toad battle against King Bowser Koopa in some movie parody. The Super Mario Bros Cartoon was shown on Mondays thru Thursdays only. On Fridays They showed The Legend of Zelda cartoons based on The game of the same name and it's sequel Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link where Link and Zelda are fighting against the forces of Ganondorf. Later on The Super Mario Bros Super Show changed it's name to Club Mario replacing the live action Mario segment with two different characters known as Tommy Treehuger and Coemcee with occaisional appearances by Tammy Treehuger <Tommy's twin sister> and Evil Eric <Coemcee's evil twin brother>. This show lasted from 1989 to 1990.

The New Adventures of Super Mario Bros 3 is a show based on the video game by the same name. This shows Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toad fighting against Bowser Koopa and his koopalings who include Cheatsy Koopa <Larry Koopa> Big Mouth Koopa <Morton Koopa Junior> Kootie Pie Koopa <Wendy O Koopa> Bully Koopa <Roy Koopa> Hip Koopa <Lemmy Koopa> Hop Koopa <Iggy Koopa> and Kooky Von Koopa <Ludwig Von Koopa>. This cartoon was shown with Captain N the Game Master in 1990.

The New Super Mario World is a show based on the video game with the same name. This show takes place on Dinosaur Land and Toad is replaced by Yoshi and a caveman named Oogtar. This cartoon was shown with Captain N and the Game Masters in 1991. It was the last original Mario Series.

Mario All Stars was released in 1994 on Cable Television. It featured episodes of The Super Mario Bros Super Show and The New Super Mario World with some edited footage.

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