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Stargate SG-1

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Stargate SG-1 is a television series based upon the science fiction movie Stargate. It follows the adventures of a group of four explorers designated SG-1, as they use a 'stargate' to travel the vast distances between planets under the aegis of the US government.

In the Stargate universe, most earth mythologies are based upon real aliens that had visited earth. In this way, there are characters corresponding to gods in Egyptian, Norse,...etc, mythologies.

The Stargate Command (SGC), led by General Hammond, is based in Cheyenne Mountain. The Air Force is in charge of the Stargate program, although there is at least one SG team comprised of Marines. The other races call the humans the "Ta'rii". The humans, although technologically behind by several centuries, are rapidly gaining the ability to fight on their own terms.

The primary villians are the Goa'uld[?], snake-like aliens who burrow into the brains of humans or humanoids and take control of the body. The "Egyptian gods" are really the System Lords, who lead huge armies of Goa'uld controlled humans and vast fleets of space ships. Major Goa'uld System Lords include Hathor, Osiris, and Anubis. The most powerful System Lord was Ra until the Ta'rii ended up killing him in the movie Stargate. There is still debate as to whether the Goa'uld assumed the roles already in existence or whether Egyptian mythology stems from the Goa'uld takeover of Earth. The Goa'uld term for Stargate is "Chappa'ai".

Opposing the Goa'uld are the Tok'ra (literally "Against Ra") who are rogue Goa'uld that have allied with the Ta'rii against the System Lords and provide much valuable intelligence and technical assistance. The Tok'ra do not possess unwilling human hosts, unlike the Goa'uld they oppose.

The Asgard, a benevolent, highly advanced race from another galaxy, who gave rise to the Norse legends, also oppose the Goa'uld. The Asgard are far more advanced than even the Goa'uld and they look like the "Roswell" aliens. The series reveals that a rogue Asgard (Loki) was responsible for the alien abductions. The most important Asgard characters include Thor and Freyr. Thor, who is the supreme commander of the Asgard fleet and is charged with defense, is often very helpful to the SGC and has pulled them out of trouble several times. The humans have also saved the Asgard multiple times, so it is a very profitable alliance.

The Asgard are also part of an ancient alliance of four great races, which includes the Ancients, who built the Stargates.

The Ancients were a humanoid race that "ascended" to escape a plague that was decimating their population. Daniel Jackson ascends and joins the Ancients, but is later cast back out for over-stretching his authority to help SG1.

The show is produced by MGM. The first episode was broadcast on July 27, 1997, and as of 2003 the show is up to Series 7.

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