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Star Trek: Nemesis

Star Trek: Nemesis is the tenth Star Trek movie, released on December 13, 2002.

Warning: Wikipedia contains spoilers

While the crew of the Enterprise E prepares to bid farewell to two of its crew members, they discover the remnants of Data-like android on Kolarus III[?]. They find out the android's name was B4[?], a pun on this android being created "be-fore" Data.

While they investigate B4's existence, Admiral Kathryn Janeway orders Jean-Luc Picard on a diplomatic mission to Romulus, the home planet of the Romulans, to discuss peace negotiations. There the crew encounters Shinzon, a clone of Picard, created by the Romulans years ago in order to replace Picard with their homegrown spy. But this plan was abandoned quickly, and young Shinzon was condemned to slave labour on Remus, a barely habitable world in the Romulan system. Shinzon found a Reman protector and rose to power as commander of the Reman elite forces. After killing the members of the Romulan senate, Shinzon lures Picard to Romulus, to use his genetic material to fix his own damaged DNA. After that, he plans to kill Picard and destroy all life on Earth, thereby weakening the United Federation of Planets. The crew of the Enterprise can, of course, stop this endeavour. In the process, the ship is almost destroyed, and several crew members die, including Data, who manages to destroy Shinzon's ship, the Scimitar.

This film is widely regarded as the final Star Trek movie to feature the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation, despite several cast members expressing their desire to make more movies.

This movie's gross domestic income was the worst of all the series at $43,119,879 as of March 2003. It earned $97,500,000 worldwide on a budget of $70,000,000.

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