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The Stabyhoun is a fine little gundog of spaniel origin, which originates in the province of Friesland. Among its ancestors are probably the Dutch Partridge Dog, the original spaniels from England, and the English Setter. It stands 19-21 inches tall and weighs 30-45 pounds. It has a deep chest and moderately short legs, a straight back, a long but thick neck, a dome shaped head, a well-pronounced stop and a medium length muzzle of a roughly triangular shape. It has a double coat with the outer coat being long and smooth and the inner coat dense and soft, thus making the dog weather resistant. There is much feathering on the underparts, chest, and tail and colors include white with orange, black, or brown markings in varying amounts.The Stabyhoun is both a soft-mouthed retriever and a pointer that is particularly useful for hunting ducks. It is a good swimmer that can handle cold water and loves to please its owner. This dog has a very laid back temperament and it loves to play with children. Many Dutch owners use its natural retrieving abilities for playing with balls, because it will go into the water and find the balls then bring them back. This dog is a wonderful pet to have around the house and is just perfect for life in Holland with its waterways and parks. While it makes a good watchdog it is friendly and amiable. It is also a very powerful dog and larger ones can pull sleds in the winter. Today it enjoys a moderate, though very devoted fancy among Dutch sportsmen and homeowners and its numbers are increasing slowly but steadily. It has yet to gain any significant fancy outside of Holland.

In the Netherlands northern province of Friesland the Stabyhoun, (which probably is a descendant of Spaniels brought to the Netherlands by the Spanish conquistadors) has been bred for hundreds of years. Literal evidence of the existence of Stabyhoun breed has been found in the early 1800. Stabyhoun was officially confirmed as a breed in Netherlands in 1942, and the Dutch Stabyhoun and Wetterhoun Association (De Nederland Vereniging voor Stabij- en Wetterhoun) was formed in 1947. As a versatile breed, Stabyhouns have been used through out ages as a guard and watch dog for the farms, but before all it is a hunting dog. It is very sharp-eyed, owns a good sense, works fast and quickly, and is specialized hunting in the watery areas and -specially in the dawn of itís history- hunting foxes and other animals, which hunt game. Heavily built with beautiful coat Stabyhoun is equally perfect for the hunterís companion, and as a familyís loyal friend. But, it is not fit to be just a family dog. Stabyīs are eager hunting and sporting dogs, so they need lot of exercise and activities. By their nature, Stabyhouns are obedient, peaceful, kind and patient dogs, which are deeply fond of their family, and they always want to please their owner. Or as said by nature Frisian: "The Staby is reflecting a character of the Frisian people. Stubborn, straight, social and quiet, friendly but mostly a bit reserved for strangers".


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