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Space colonization, also called Space settlement refers to the idea/possibility/necessity of building artificial[?] environments in space outside Earth to be inhabited permanently by humans. Because humans cannot live self-sufficiently, other species would have to be able to live in the habitats as well.

A common discussion starting point for the colonization of space is Mars. The size and mass of Mars make it similar enough to Earth to be reasonable, with the only serious concern being the very thin atmosphere, and the cold temperatures that result. A technologically advanced society could sustain a self-sufficient colony on Mars, given today's technology. Temperature and pressure are fairly easy to provide, and we have the equipment to extract the volatilies (water, air, etc.) from the martian ground and atmosphere.

There are basically two types of space habitats:

  • Habitats on a planet, either fully isolated from the natural environment or by changing this environment itself to make it more life-friendly, a process called terraforming.
  • Space habitats, a type of space station intended as a permanent settlement for its inhabitants.

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