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Snow (disambiguation)

Snow is:
  • snow
  • Snow is a slang term for cocaine.
  • Snow, born 1971 as Darrin O'Brien in Toronto, Canada, is an award-winning musician and video artist. His single "Informer" is one of the largest-selling reggae records of all time. His debut album was called 12 Inches of Snow (1992).
  • A snow was a two-masted merchant vessel of the 16th through the 19th centuries, the largest two-masted ship of her period with a tonnage of up to around 1,000 tons, primarily a merchant ship but also used at war. She carried square sails on both masts, but had a small trysail[?] mast (also called a snowmast) stepped immediately abaft the mainmast from which a trysail with a boom was set, with the luff of the trysail hooped to it. At times the trysail mast was replaced by a horse on the mainmast, to which the luff of the trysail was attached by rings.

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