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Snorri Sturluson (1179 - September 23, 1241) was an Icelandic historian, poet and politician. He was twice law-speaker at the Icelandic parliament, the Althing. He was the author of the Younger Edda, which is comprised of Gylfaginning, a narrative of Norse mythology, the Skáldskaparmál, a book of poetic language, and the Háttatal, a list of verse forms. He was also the author of the Heimskringla, a history of early medieval Scandinavian history. He is also thought to be the author of Egils Saga[?].

Snorri became involved in an unsuccessful rebellion against King Hákon Hákonarson, the King of Norway, and was subsequently killed.

Note about the name: The correct spelling of the name is Snorri Sturluson. "Snorre Sturlason" is the modern Norwegian spelling, whereas "Sturlusson" is a corrupt spelling. Since Sturluson is a mere patronym and not an actual surname, Snorri Sturluson should always be referred to as either "Snorri Sturluson" or "Snorri", never as "Sturluson" only.

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