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Skinheads are members of a subculture that started in the late 1960s, in part emerging out of the Mod youth subculture in Great Britain. They are characterised by very short cropped hair, combat boots[?], braces (suspenders) and, at least originally, a preference for Oi! or ska music.

Skinheads are often very picky about what clothing brands they will wear. Ideally the jacket should be a Ben Sherman[?] or Flight Jacket[?], the shirt a Fred Perry[?], the jeans Levi's[?] and Dr Martens shoes.

The skinhead movement originated from working class culture. They were mainly interested in and influenced by Jamaican Reggae and Ska music (aka, The Spirit of 69[?]), and a dislike of the ruling classes. They had an extreme dislike for the government and businesses as both appeared to misrepresent the working class and their wishes. As the Skinhead movement expanded in Great Britain it became polluted by anti-immigration activists, and more generally into being regarded as having a fascist/racist ideology.

Skinheads now tend to be divided into three main categories: Traditional Skinheads (aka originals and largely apolitical), (National Socialist or Neo-Nazi) Skinheads, and SHARP[?] (SkinHeads Against Racial Prejudice) skins.

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