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Siu Nim Tao

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Siu Nim Tao (小念頭 lit. little thought) is a practice routine of Wing Chun.

The first form is practiced following five major principles:

  • kim sut ("knees in")
  • lok ma ("lower the stance")
  • ting yu ("tuck the hips under")
  • dung tao ("head erect")
  • mai jahng ("elbows in")

There is no footwork in the first form. However, over time there is a substantial amount of development of the muscles around the knee. This strengthening and conditioning is needed in order to correctly perform the Chum Kiu[?] (尋橋) set.

The form trains many things:

  • keeping the center line
  • keeping the body still while moving the arms correctly
  • providing a stable state to return to while executing wing chun
  • applying the elbow energy correctly

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