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The snare drum (or side drum) is tubular drum made of wood or metal with skins, or heads[?], stretched over the top and bottom openings. A cluster of snares made of curled metal wire, metal cable, or animal gut is stretched across the bottom head. When the drum is struck, the snares vibrate against the bottom head. This produces a short, distinctive, snap-like sound. The snares can be disengaged if this effect is not required.

Originally, snare drums were military instruments. Today, the snare drum can be found in nearly every form of western music. Snare drums are used by marching bands to provide a steady source of rhythm. The snare drum was incorporated into classical music to provide colour for march-like segments of music. It is used in popular music styles like rock and roll and jazz to provide an accented backbeat. The snare drum is the driving force in samba music: ghost notes are played continuously with accented strokes outlining the rhythm. The snare is also used extensively in death metal, to provide a "blast beat"; a rapid alternation of snare and bass drum beats.

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