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Shang Dynasty (商 1600 BC - 1046 BC[?]) followed Xia Dynasty and preceded Zhou Dynasty in China. Information about the Shang dynasty comes from bronze artifacts and oracle bones[?] which are turtle shells on which were written the first records Chinese characters. These bones typically had three sections: a question for the oracle, the oracle's answer, and whether the oracle later proved to be correct.

Sovereigns of Shang Dynasty
Posthumous Names ( Shi Hao 諡號)
Convention: posthumous name or King + posthumous name
Note: 1) all dates are approximate until the Duumvirate when first accurate dating of Chinese history began. Refer to Zhou dynasty for more info. 2) Personal names of most of the Shang sovereigns were unknown. The following names were most likely posthumous owing to frequent appearances of the Heavenly Stems (Tian Gan|天干 tian1 gan1).
Tang|湯 tang1 or Shang Tang|商湯 shang1 tang1
Wai Bing|外丙 wai4 bing3
Zhong Ren|仲壬 zhong4 ren2
Tai Jia|太甲 tai4 jia3
Wo Ding|沃丁 wo4 ding1
Tai Geng|太庚 tai4 geng1
Xiao Jia|小甲 xiao3 jia3
Yong Ji|雍己 yong1 ji3
Tai Wu|太戊 tai4 wu4
Zhong Ding|仲丁 zhong4 ding1
Wai Ren|外壬 wai4 ren2
He Dan Jia|河亶甲 he2 dan3 jia3
Zu Yi|祖乙 zu3 yi3
Zu Xin|祖辛 zu3 xin1
Wo Jia|沃甲 wo4 jia3
Zu Ding|祖丁 zu3 ding1
Nan Geng|南庚 nan2 geng1
Yang Jia|陽甲 yang2 jia3
Note: As Shang finally settled down at Yin (殷 yin1). The period of Shang Dynasty starting from Pang Geng (盤庚 pang2 geng1) is also frequently referred to as the Yin Dynasty.
Pang Geng|盤庚 pang2 geng1
Xiao Xin|小辛 xiao3 xin1
Xiao Yi|小乙 xiao3 yi3
Wu Ding|武丁 wu3 ding1
Zu Geng|祖庚 zu3 geng1
Zu Jia|祖甲 zu3 jia3
Lin Xin|廩辛 lin3 xin1
Kang Ding|康丁 kang1 ding1
Wu Yi|武乙 wu3 yi3
Tai Ding|太丁 tai4 ding1 or Wen Ding|文丁 wen2 ding1
Di Yi|帝乙 di4 yi3
Di Xin|帝辛 di4 xin1 or Zhou|紂 zhou4 or Zhou Xin|紂辛 zhou4 xin1 or Zhou Wang|紂王zhou4 wang2
Note: King Zhou could also referred to as adding Shang (商 shang1) in front of any of his names.

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