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Sexual norm

Most cultures have social norms regarding sexuality.

For example, a number of cultures define "normal" sexuality to consist only of heterosexual sex between married couples. Others go further, to depict only sexual acts which have a reproductive purpose as acceptable.

Studies have shown that human sexual behavior does not generally fit neatly within these strictures.

There is much hypocrisy about sexual behavior in all directions. As an example, societies which aggresively regulate sexual behavior tend to have high levels of child sexual abuse, the public discussion of which is taboo in polite society. For example, this behavior has been documented in Pakistan and the Phillipines.

Traditional attitudes

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Trends in Western society

In the West, many people have have relaxed the traditional definitions of normality, choosing instead to define "normal" sexuality as any sexual practice which does not involve sexual perversion.

However, using this definition makes use of a long list of sexual perversions which in themselves show up hidden assumptions about cultural norms. Recently, in Western society, consensual paraphilias are becoming more acceptable, effectively defining acceptable sexual practices as "any activity, not otherwise illegal, performed between consenting adults in private".

This has resulted in the legalization of homosexuality in many countries, following the ground-breaking Wolfenden report in the UK.

There is also a tendency in Western countries towards serial monogamy[?] as a "normal" lifestyle.

There are also conservative social trends which seek to reverse these patterns of behavior.

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