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The Serer-Ndut ethnic group are approximately 22,000 Serer people, most living in central Senegal in the district of Mont-Roland, northwest of the city of Thies[?]. Their language, Ndut, is currently classified as a Cangin language[?] more closely related to Serer-Palor[?] than to to standard Serer-Sine[?], and it has only recently had a written form. The people are agriculturalists and lake fishermen. Their traditional religion involves careful relations with the ancestors. A large number are now Catholic, and a large number are Muslim. The main Catholic mission is at the town of Tiin.

Originally the Serer-Ndut came into Mont-Roland from Fouta in the north, according to their oral traditions. Their leader was Ndiawour Cisse, but for most of their history later they were not unified politically. The Serer-Ndut had a reputation as ferocious and successful raiders of trade routes leadiing into Thies. Although they were nominally included in the Kingdom of Cayor, they maintained a certain independence. They have a reputation among other Serer groups as having special mental and magical powers. There are two transplanted Serer-Ndut groups, living in the north and south of Senegal, since the 1960's.

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