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San Theodoros

San Theodoros is a fictional South American country in adventures of Tintin.

(Warning – Spoilers)

San Theodoros apparently become independent around 1805 and general named Olivaro had something to do with it. Its capital is Los Dopicos (unless it was changed from to Tapiocapolis to Alcarazopolis after general Tapioca was ousted the last time).

San Theodoros is a satirical version of a South American country under the yoke of military government. Military coups and counter-coups of generals Tapioca and Alcazar have followed each other with regularity – and soldiers switch sides every time. Interesting detail is the proliferation of colonels; during the Broken Ear story, the army of San Theodoros had 3487 colonels but only 49 corporals.

The Country has a couple of magnificent Paztec pyramids in Trenxcoatl. (Paztec is a pun on Aztec and pastèque, watermelon.) In the jungle areas of the country live Indian tribes of Bibaro and Arumbajo. With Arumbajos lives explorer Ridgewell, who tries to teach them golf.

San Theodoros also has a hostile neighbor called Nuevo Rico[?]. During the Broken Ear story two countries go to war over the area of Gran Chapo – just like real-world countries Bolivia and Paraquay[?] over Gran Chaco[?] in 1932-1935.

In Coke en Stock, General Alcazar is seen in exile, having been deposed again by his rival.

Last information about the country is about 1976 when general Alcazar last time ousted general Tapioca during a carnival in unusually bloodless coup. His guerillas wore carnival outfit during the operation. European journalist Tintin and his associates had their minor part in the proceedings.

Tintin albums with San Theodoros:

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