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Saiph, or κ Orionis (kappa Orionis) is the sixth-brightest star in the constellation of Orion.

The name is from the Arabic saif al jabbar, sword of the giant.


  • right ascension: 05 h 47 m 45.4 s
  • declination: -09° 40' 11"
  • visual magnitude: 2.06
  • colour: (B-V) -0.17
  • spectral type: B0.5Ia (bright blue supergiant; 26,000 kelvin)
  • distance: 720 +/- 120 light years
  • diameter: 11 Solar diameters
  • mass: approximately 15-17 Solar masses

Other names

  • Harvard Revised (HR) 2004.
  • Henry Draper (HD) 38771.
  • Flamsteed: 53 Orionis

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