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Rupert Giles

Rupert Giles is a character from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer television series. He is a British Watcher in charge of teaching and training Buffy Summers in her role as Slayer, as well as being the librarian at Sunnydale High School. In the TV series he is played by actor Anthony Stewart Head.

There is talk about a spinoff from Buffy the Vampire Slayer called Ripper where Anthony Stewart Head will star as Rupert Giles.

Being a Watcher for Giles is continuing a family profession; his father was a watcher as well as his grandmother. It was believed that being a watcher is a calling as much as being a slayer is.

Young Rupert Giles didn't like the idea of calling, he left university for a while to rebel. Met up with a crowd that includes Ethan Rayne[?], Philip Henry, Dierdre Page, and started his involvement with black magics, and demon summoning. It was then that he got his nickname, "Ripper".

Rupert went back to answer his calling as a watcher out of guilt and/or a sense of awakening, when one of their friends was killed as a result of summoning Eyghon, a demon that possesses the dead or the unconscious. Ripper's group summoned the demon, because the Eyghon demon gives the host it possesses a sense of ecstasy.

When Eyghon returned decades later, all of Ripper's former group who got the tattoo/mark of Eyghon were killed, with the exception of Giles and Ethan Rayne.

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