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Rose Island

Rose Island was a short-lived micronation on an platform off the coast of Italy.

Everything started in 1964, when an Italian engineer named Giorgio Rosa was allowed to test a new technique by building a large platform in the Adriatic Sea, seven miles from the Italian coast. The platform he built was supported by nine strong pylons at the bottom of the sea.

Later, financial problems and scientific achievements gradually become so closely interrelated that it is presently difficult to make a definite statement about the evolution of the undertaking. While some sources speak of the existence of an illegal radio station, other information just mentioned a restaurant, a bar, a night club, a souvenir shop, and a post office Ė which is quite enough for a 400 meter square sized platform. Meanwhile, it seems that a a small group of unknown managers had taken over ownership of Signore Rosa's masterpiece from him.

Howewer that may be, "independence" was proclaimed on 24 June 1968. The sovereignty of the artifical island was materialized, as is usual in those cases, by minting a new courency, issuing new stamps, andÖ hailing a new flag, of course. The name of the independent state was given in Esperanto, "Insulo de la Rozoj", which proves the international spirit of its founding fathers. Unfortunately, the Italian government did not appreciate this attitude and it sent troops to crush the rebellion. Two carabinieri and two inspectors of finances landed on the "Isole delle Rose" and took over the just-born state. As far as we know, war did not break out between the two governments. Italy just ignored a telegram sent by the Council of Government of the independent platform to protest against the violation of its sovereignty and the injury inflicted on local tourism by such a military occupation. We donít even know whether legal action was brought to the United Nations on this issue. We can only say that we are sorry for the flag.

And, by the way, how did the forgotten flag of the Isle of Roses, lowered by the invaders, look? We got the information by chance and we are proud to preserve its description for future generations: it was orange (donít ask why) with white shield in the center bearing three red roses with green leaves and stems, obviously relating to the name of the island (as well as to Signore Rosa, presumably).

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