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Rogue (superhero)

Rogue is a superhero in the fictional Marvel Universe. She was created by writer Chris Claremont and first appeared in Avengers Annual #10 (1981). Her power is the ability to (usually) temporarily absorb the bioenergy of living beings and their powers, if they have any, for her own use.

She began her career as a villain with the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants but joined her adversaries, the X-Men. She became a popular member of the team. Rogue has permanently absorbed the powers of the heroine Ms. Marvel[?] (Carol Danvers) and now possesses superhuman strength, invulnerability and the ability to fly. Unfortunately, she permanently absorbed Ms. Marvel's personality and memories leaving her with a bizarre psychatric problem and her victim a comatose shell. It was this problem that drove her to join with Professor Charles Xavier in order to deal with it and otherwise control her powers. Carol Danvers herself was treated by Xavier and was able to restore much of her consciousness and later received new superpowers to become Binary.

Rogue was depicted by actress Anna Paquin[?] in the 2000 film X-Men and its sequel. She was voiced by Lenore Zann[?] in the animated television series X-Men. She was voiced by Meghan Black[?] in the X-Men: Evolution[?] animated television series.

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