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Risk (game)

Risk is a copyrighted board game produced by Parker Brothers, a division of Hasbro. It shares many characteristics with wargames.

As wargames go, Risk is quite simple. It makes little attempt to accurately simulate military strategy. But it does convey a vivid sense of how large the world is, of how expensive the logistics of long campaigns[?] can be, and of how good or bad luck can turn the tide at crucial moments of a close-fought military campaign. It conveys the psychology which leads nations to invest so heavily in armies to protect against their rivals.

Risk Strategy Many argue that Risk is an unbalanced game and that whichever player occupies Australia will gain an unfair advantage.

Alternate Versions

  • Risk 2210: a futuristic version of Risk. It is produced by Avalon Hill, another division of Hasbro.
  • Castle Risk can be found on the reverse side of the board of a particular edition of the game. It focuses on Europe only, and each player's goal is to protect their castle from attack.

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  • Hasbro's Risk Page (http://www.risk.com/games/pl/page.viewproduct/product_id.9491/dn/default.cfm)

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