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Reduction (linguistics)

In spoken languages, reduction is a way to pronounce a certain word more quickly than usual. For example, in English language
  • getcha (get you)
  • betcha (bet you)
  • don't cha (don't you)
  • gotcha (got you)
  • gotta (got to)
  • hafta (have to)
  • hasta (has to)
  • wanna (want to)
  • wannabe (want to be)
  • gonna (going to)
  • kinda (kind of)
  • kindsa (kinds of)
  • lot (lot of)
  • lots (lots of)
  • gimme (give me)
  • lemme (let me)
  • I dunno. (I don't know)
  • sez (says)
  • coulda (could have)
  • shoulda (should have)
  • woulda (would have)
  • mighta (might have)
  • musta (must have)

Reference http://eleaston.com/pronunciation/reduction2

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