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Ray Van De Walker is very proud to have contributed to articles selected for the brilliant prose section four times:

  • Earth- he wrote "Why Earth is wet",
  • Nuclear weapon (he originated the theory of operation, then edited some technically-accurate, but verbose prose that replaced it),
  • Telephone switch- described the guts and algorithms (He's actually implemented a video switch using the same algorithms as a nonblocking minimal spanning telephone switch).
  • spacecraft propulsion- he refactored it into a list of technologies with figures of merit, added many technologies, and is imensely grateful to the hero who put the list into a table, and the other hero who realized that this wanted to be a set of articles.

He refactored: Weapon, radio, Satellite navigation system, International Geophysical Year and these have been generally accepted and extended by the community.

He wrote or improved articles about

He documented the bio and filmography of Steven Segal.

He has degrees in Computer Science and Philosophy from the University of California at Irvine.

He abandoned academia because it paid badly, and currently writes embedded real-time software, primarily for mechanism control in systems that require extremely high reliability, such as medical and avionic (aircraft) systems. He's always interested in new assignments: (714)444-6903

He also wrote the second revision of "The polyForth II Reference Manual," the first successful edition (it reduced hotline calls by 30%!) of the reference manual for Forth Inc.'s version of the FORTH language. This means he is a world authority on the FORTH language and porting techniques. Which makes him a large frog in a tiny puddle, indeed.

He has a number of unpublished science-fiction novels, which friends insist are worthy of print.

He has an unpublished book about philosophical Ethics, which is far more interesting, (to him, at least) but even less salable.

He also juggles badly, is an indifferent thespian, fixes cars, houses and motorcycles, designs houses, is married with children, runs a small corporation, and teaches sunday school, none of which pay at all.


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