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Ralph Waite

Ralph D. Waite or Ralf de Waiet

In 1075 A.D., William the Conqueror gave the Earldom, city and castle of Norwich, in England, to Ralf de Waiet, the son of Ralf, an Englishman, by a Welsh woman; this son marrying Emma, sister to Roger, Earl of Hereford, cousin of the conqueror, etc. This is the earliest record so far found, and the sources from whence all bearing the name of Waite seem to trace their origin.

Then there is Dexter....the name, rather than just middle initial "D" or "de"

It is doubtful that Earle and Bess Waite knew the "D" vs "de" history on the left side of this page when they named my father Ralph D. Waite. Since Bess's father was John Dexter Osborn the "D" came from him. But it is curious that in Waite early history there is a use for "de".

I have been know as Dexter in high school and college. I really never thought about the name, since I came into the world with it. My father had the same name so I was called Ralphie by my relatives.

In college, the fraternity pledge life cemented Dexter as my name. It was good to be accepted as Dexter not Ralph.

After college Dexter didn't seem business like when surrounded by William, Robert and John - so Ralph was good for 40 years.

Now that I have done some ancestry checking, There was my great-grandfather John Dexter Osborn and his father Dexter Schuyler Osborn. I respected what they did with their life. So, Dexter has taken on a new meaning. Today I use the name, with pride.

It is surprising how names change in meaning. It depends on whom the name reflects in the listener's mind. I also now like the Dexter in me again. Welcome back Dexter....or is it Ralf?


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