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In telecommunication, radiometry is the science of radiation measurement.

Term Symbol Quantity Unit
radiant energy[?] Q energy joule (J)
radiant power[?] Synonym optical power φ power watt (W)
irradiance[?] E power incident per unit area (irrespective of angle) W·m-2
spectral irradiance[?] Eλ irradiance[?] per unit wavelength interval at a given wavelength W·m-2·nm-1
radiant emittance[?] Synonym radiant exitance W power emitted (into a full sphere) per unit area W·m-2
radiant intensity[?] I power per unit solid angle W·sr-1
radiance[?] L power per unit angle per unit projected area W·sr-1·m-2
spectral radiance[?] Lλ radiance[?] per unit wavelength interval at a given wavelength W·sr-1·m-2·nm-1

Source: from Federal Standard 1037C

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