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QuickTime is the name of Apple's software product, and a file format popular on the Macintosh operating system platform. It is also widely used by web developers to create cross-platform video clips[?] that can be downloaded from the Internet.

It is a standard for displaying video, audio, virtual reality and almost any kind of multimedia content on computers. The format is designed by Apple Computer.

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A QuickTime file contains tracks with particular types, such as audio, video, effects, or text (eg for subtitles).

The tracks in turn contain track media which rely on specific codecs, like the Sorenson codec, Motion JPEG[?], AC3 etc.

The track media in turn contain several samples of the media stream.

Apple released Quicktime 6.0 after a delay, in which many wondered whether the Quicktime 6 file format would get approved as MPEG-4, and whether the software known to the world as Quicktime would be able to create MPEG-4 files. When the final release came, it was based on the new industry standard, MPEG-4.

Platforms and versions

Apple has released official media player software for Mac OS and Microsoft Windows under the brand Quicktime Player. Apple also has a version of the software that can create "Quicktime" brand files, under the brand Quicktime Pro.

Independent players for QuickTime 6 (MPEG-4) exist for many operating systems, and the FFmpeg library even supports the Sorenson video compression format. Apple is however the exclusive licensee of Sorenson technology.

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