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Q (Star Trek)

In the fictional Star Trek universe, the Q are a race of near-omnipotent, near-omniscient god-like beings from a parallel existence called the Q Continuum. They are largely indifferent to the affairs of the non-Q beings living in normal space, with a few exceptions. The most notable of these is Q as played by John de Lancie[?], a mischievous Q who periodically harasses the crews of the starships Enterprise and Voyager.

Other members of the Continuum featured on the series are Q's wife Q, their son q (called Junior by his father, and signified by a lower-case q in writing), Q2 who is a friend of Q, and Amanda Rogers who was raised like a human but eventually discovered her true identity. Fans have also speculated that Trelane from the original series episode The Squire of Gothos was also a Q.

Episodes featuring one or more Q:

†Note: Many fans have speculated that Squire Trelane was a Q; this formed the basis for Peter David's book Q-Squared. However, this link is only speculation, not canon.

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