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Punjabi language

Punjabi (sometimes spelled Panjabi) is the native language of the Punjab and the most common first-language in Pakistan, spoken as a first language by 30 to 40 million people. See Demographics of Pakistan for a breakdown of language groups by population.

However, it is not an official language of Pakistan, and is not officially used in education; Urdu, Sindhi[?] and English are Pakistan's official languages. It is primarily spoken, not written, and most education and official business is conducted in Urdu. This has led to much resentment from Punjabi speakers, who form the largest single first-language group in Pakistan. Modern Punjabi is a living language that has borrowed extensively from other languages, including Urdu and English.

There are several different scripts used for writing the Punjabi language, depending on the region and the dialect spoken: one uses the Arabic alphabet, the others use the Gurmukhi and Devanagari scripts.

Punjabi has developed in the way English has. As English became exported from Britain to America etc., American English , etc. were born. These developed their own words and spellings. The same is happening in Punjabi. It has taken most of its modern words from English and Urdu and Hindi. However everyday Punjabi Immigrants come across new countries, such as Spain and Holland. Some words have been adapted from these languages and especially Spanish has similar style to Punjabi, making it more logical and suitable to use to adapt words for animals that do not exist in the Punjab to define them and name them, a role used mainly by English until now. Some people are creating projects around the Diaspora Punjabi that is emerging. But there is no universal consent amongst Punjabis over spellings. Diaspora Punjabi will in the next century become like American English, with its own unique twists compared to that spoken alone in the Punjab. (See Diaspora Punjabi[?] below)

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Punjabi is also spoken as a minority first language in several other countries, including India (where it is one of the official languages) and Afghanistan. Punjabi is the sacred language of the Sikhs, in which the sacred books of the Sikh religion are written. It's usually the language of Bhangra music.

Punjabi is derived from Sanskrit and is therefore Indo-European. Many sources subdivide the the Punjabi language further, into Western Punjabi[?] and Eastern Punjabi[?].

See also: Demographics of India for a list of the official languages of India.

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