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Przeginia (Pl.) - element of Slav. mythology, probably primarily a hypostasy of Goddess Earth; OldRuss. peregynja „steep place, inaccessible, canyon", but also „mountain (grown with forest - therefore - united with *perkynja, see: Perkunas)" ("castrum in monte Pregyna"). WestSlav. *pregynia < IE. *perg-uniy-a; Sanskr. Parjanya „(secondarily) cloud (also as source of thunderbolts?), rain; God Parjanya (identified with Indra)"; OldIcel. Fjörgynn[?] „surname of Thor's mother (Jörd - „Earth")"; OHG. Fergunna - name of mountains; Got. fairguni „a mountain". P. secondarily (on the ground of OldRuss. language ?) was united with IE. *bherg(-os) „crag, slope, hill" > Germ. berg „a mountain", OldSlav. bergъ „hill, slope, bank", from this OldRuss. Beregynja; see also: Perperuna.

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