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Political divisions of Taiwan

The Republic of China currently administers two historical provinces of China:

The romanization used for ROC placenames is Wade-Giles, except "Keelung" and "Quemoy", which are the more popular versions of romanization. "Chiayi" is a slightly modified form of the Wade-Giles version, "Chia-i".

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Counties County in Chinese is 縣 (in pinyin: xian4, in Wade-Giles: hsien).

In Taiwan Province:

Romanization Chinese Wade-Giles Pinyin Pinyin with tones[?]
Chiayi County[?] 嘉義縣 Chia-i  Jiayi jia1 yi4
Changhua[?] County 彰化縣 Chang-hua  Zhanghua zhang1 hua4
Hsinchu County[?] 新竹縣 Hsin-chu  Xinzhu xin1 zhu2
Hualien[?] County 花蓮縣 Hua-lien  Hualian hua1 lian2
Ilan[?] County 宜蘭縣 I-lan  Yilan yi2 lan2
Kaohsiung County[?] 高雄縣 Kao-hsiung Gaoxiong gao1 xiong2
Miaoli[?] County 苗栗縣 Miao-li  Miaoli miao2 li4
Nantou[?] County 南投縣 Nan-tou  Nantou nan2 tou2
Penghu County (Pescadores) 澎湖縣 Peng-hu  Penghu peng2 hu2
Pingtung[?] County 屏東縣 Ping-tung Pingdong ping2 dong1
Taichung County[?] 台中縣 Tai-chung Taizhong tai2 zhong1
Tainan County[?] 台南縣 Tai-nan Tainan tai2 nan2
Taipei County 台北縣 Tai-pei Taibei tai2 bei3
Taitung[?] County 台東縣 Tai-tung Taidong tai2 dong1
Taoyuan[?] County 桃園縣 Tao-yuan Taoyuan tao2 yuan2
Yunlin[?] County 雲林縣 Yun-lin Yunlin yun2 lin2

In Fujian Province:

Romanization Chinese Wade-Giles Pinyin Pinyin with tones
Lienchiang County (Matsu) 連江縣 Lien-chiang Lianjiang lian2 jiang1
Quemoy County 金門縣 Kin-men Jinmen jin1 men2

Municipalities Municipality in Chinese is 直轄市 (literal meaning: "Directly administrated city (by the central government)", in pinyin: zhi2 xia2 shi4, in Wade-Giles: chi-hsia-shih).

Romanization Chinese Wade-Giles Pinyin Pinyin with tones
Kaohsiung City 高雄市 Kao-hsiung Gaoxiong gao1 xiong2
Taipei City 台北市 Tai-pei Taibei tai2 bei3

Provincially Administrated Cities Provincially administrated city in Chinese is 省轄市 (in pinyin: sheng3 xia2 shi4, in Wade-Giles: sheng-hsia-shih).

Romanization Chinese Wade-Giles Pinyin Pinyin with tones
Chiayi City[?] 嘉義市 Chia-i  Jiayi jia1 yi4
Hsinchu City 新竹市 Hsin-chu  Xinzhu xin1 zhu2
Keelung[?] City 基隆市 Chi-lung Jilong ji1 long2
Taichung City[?] 台中市 Tai-chung Taizhong tai2 zhong1
Tainan City[?] 台南市 Tai-nan Tainan tai2 nan2

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