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Poker jargon starting with A

Poker jargon:

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A-B-C, A-B-C-D
  1. A sequence of the lowest cards in a lowball game. For example, the hand 8-6-3-2-A might be called an "eight-six-a-b-c".
  2. Uncreative or predictable play. He's an a-b-c player.

Able, Baker, Charlie
First, second, and third player to the left of the dealer, respectively. From the pre-1954 U.S. Navy radio alphabet.

ace-to-five, ace-to-six
Methods of evaluating low hands. See ace-to-five lowball[?], ace-to-six lowball[?].

aces and spaces
A hand with one pair of aces, and nothing else. Used derogatorily, especially in games such as seven-card stud, where two pair is a typical winning hand.

  1. A player's turn to act. The action is on you.
  2. A willingness to gamble. I'll give you action or There's plenty of action in this game
  3. A bet, along with all the calls of that bet. For example, if one player makes a $5 bet and three other players call, he is said to have $5 "in action", and to have received $15 worth of action on his bet. Usually this term comes into play when figuring side pots when one or players is all in. See table stakes[?].

action button
A marker similar to a kill button, on which a player places an extra forced bet. Typically in a stud game, a player is required to post an amount representing a completion of the bring-in to a full bet. For example, in a stud game with $2 and $4 betting limits and a $1 bring-in, a player with the action button must post $2; after the cards are dealt, the player with the low card must still pay the $1 bring-in, then when the betting reaches the player who posted the $2, he is required to leave it in as a raise of the bring-in (and has the option to raise further). Players in between the bring-in and the action button can just call the bring-in, but they know ahead of time that they will be raised by the action button.

action player
Euphemism for a less skillful player who bets and calls frequently with inferior hands.

In a live game, to buy more chips before you have busted. In tournament play, a single rebuy for which all players are eligible regardless of their stack size. This is usually allowed only once, at the end of the rebuy period.

To make an obvious play or expose cards in such a way as to deliberately convey an impression to your opponents about your style of play. For example, to make a bad play or bluff to give the impression that you bluff frequently (hoping opponents will then call your legitimate bets) or to show only good hands to give the impression that you rarely bluff (hoping opponents with then fold when you do).

The player immediately to the dealer (or button)'s left; so called because he is the player who received the first card during the initial deal. Also "eldest hand".

Proactive betting and raising. See agression (poker)[?].

In a lowball game, "giving air" is letting an opponent who might otherwise fold know that you intend to draw one or more cards to induce him to call.

all in
Having bet one's entire stake. See table stakes[?].

all blue/all pink
A flush, "blue" usually referring to black suits and "pink" to red ones. Occasionally one hears "all green" or "all purple".

alternate straight
Skip straight. See non-standard poker hands[?].

ammo, ammunition
Chips in play. I'm going to need more ammo for this game. Compare to "fire".

A technically legal, but borderline unethical, play. For example, deliberately miscalling one's own hand to induce a fold, or placing odd amounts of chips in the pot to confuse opponents about whether you mean to call or raise. A player employing such tactics is called an "angle shooter".

Once meaning a first-round bet, now a type of forced bet before cards are dealt. See ante (poker)[?].

ante off
In tournament play, to force an absent player to continue paying antes. blinds, bring-ins, or other forced bets so that the contest remains fair to the other players. Go ahead and take that phone call. We'll ante you off until you get back. Also "blind off".

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