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Poker/Two pair2

Readers note: This page uses the letters c, d, h, and s to indicate card suits. This page might be easier to read if your browser can display card suit symbols.

A poker hand such as Jd Jc 4c 4s 9s, which contains two cards of the same rank, plus two cards of another rank (that match each other but not the first pair), plus one unmatched card. Ranks above One pair and below Three of a kind.

Between two such hands, the higher ranking pair of each is first compared, and the higher pair wins. If both have the same top pair, then the second pair of each is compared. Finally, if both hands have the same two pairs, the Kicker determines the winner.

These hands are be referred to in speech, for example, as "jacks and fours" or "jacks over fours" or just "jacks up" (the latter is common in games where the smaller pair is rarely needed to break ties, so it doesn't need to be mentioned most of the time). Two small pairs with ranks between 2 and 9 are also sometimes referred to by the two-digit number they make: sevens and fives, for example, might be called a "seventy-five".


  • Kh Kd 2c 2d Jh ("kings up") defeats Jd Js 10s 10c 9s ("jacks up")
  • 9c 9d 7d 7s 6h ("nines and sevens") defeats 9h 9s 5h 5d Kc ("nines and fives" or "ninety-five")
  • 4s 4c 3s 3h Kd ("fours and threes, king kicker") defeats 4h 4d 3d 3c 10s ("fours and threes with a ten")

Note in particular here that the general rule about poker hands having only five cards (see Poker/Hands) often comes into play. If you are playing a seven-card game and have, for example, 10c 10d 8d 8h 4c 4s Qd, the highest poker hand you can make is two pair: 10c 10d 8d 8h Qd. The extra 4c 4s are of no consequence because you can't squeeze them into a five-card hand.

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