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Player character

That'd be you.

When you start a roleplaying game, you usually create a character. Most roleplaying games such as Dungeons & Dragons have a system for this, with intricate rules and many, many choices.

Have fun.

This character will be *you* in the adventure that will take place. You will not play you, but perhaps some fierce barbarian who secretly likes pink, but would die of embarrassment if anyone ever found out. Or maybe you'd play a fledgling wizard still learning to harness the magic that crackles around her.

Don't play the stereotypes unless you really have to. They get boring after a while. Make a character that has little quirks - a three-dimensional character who's as complex as anyone you know.

This is your chance to be wild, to do things that you'd never get to do in real life.

Of course, within the limits of believability in the game. Ask your gamemaster for more details.

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