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PLUR - Peace, Love, Unity, Respect. A credo of the rave culture. Everyone in the rave scene has heard of this at sometime or another, or will eventually. It's basically the way that a raver lives one's life, and is expected behavior at a rave.

Peace - Violence is never the answer to the problems of society.

Love - Acts and feelings of goodwill towards all others.

Unity - Ravers are all united by the music. Race, gender, sexual preference or background doesn't apply.

Respect[?] - Like unity, we are are united, but we must also show respect to all others inside and outside of the rave community.

The term was coined by Frankie Bones[?] at a show his crew, the Storm Ravers[?] (which is where the term rave originates), were holding. According to legend, a fight broke out while he was mixing and he stopped the show to say, "You all better be showing some peace, love and unity."

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