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Piers Anthony

Piers Anthony Dillingham Jacob (born August 6, 1934) is a writer in the science fiction and fantasy genres, publishing under the name Piers Anthony. He has written many novels and short stories, but he is most famous for his book series.

Here is a (very) partial list of some of his most famous books and series.

Cluster Series -

  1. Cluster
  2. Chaining the Lady
  3. Kirlian Quest
  4. Thousandstar
  5. Viscous Circle

Battle Circle Series -

  1. Sos the Rope
  2. Var the Stick
  3. Neq the Sword

Of Man and Manta Series -

  1. Omnivore
  2. Orn
  3. Ox

Incarnations of Immortality Series -

  1. On a Pale Horse
  2. Bearing an Hourglass
  3. With a Tangled Skein
  4. Wielding a Red Sword
  5. Being a Green Mother
  6. For Love of Evil
  7. And Eternity

Apprentice Adept Series -

  1. Split Infinity
  2. Blue Adept
  3. Juxtaposition
  4. Out of Phaze
  5. Robot Adept
  6. Unicorn Point
  7. Phaze Doubt

Xanth Series (His most extensive series with more than 20 novels)-

Mode Series

  1. Virtual Mode
  2. Fractal Mode
  3. Chaos Mode
  4. DoOon Mode

Bio of a Space Tyrant Series

  1. Refugee
  2. Mercenary
  3. Politician
  4. Executive
  5. Statesman

  • Cthon
  • Pthor
  • Macroscope
  • Firefly
  • Pornucopia

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