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Pennine Alps

The Pennine Alps contain all the highest peaks in the Alps, save the Finsteraarhorn (4275 meters, 14,026 feet) in the Bernese Oberland. The chief peaks of this range, from the Little St Bernard to the Simplon Pass, are:
Mont Blanc 4810 meters(15,782 feet)
Mont Blanc de Seilon 3871 meters(12,700 feet)
Monte Rosa (Dufourspitze) 4638 meters(15,217 feet)
Aiguille du Midi 3843 meters(12,609 feet)
Nord End (Monte Rosa) 4612 meters(15,132 feet)
Tour Noir 3836 meters(12,586 feet)
Dom (Mischabelhorner) 4554 meters(14,942 feet)
Aiguille des Glaciers 3834 meters(12,579 feet)
Lyskamm 4538 meters(14,889 feet)
Mont Dolent 3823 meters(12,543 feet)
Weisshorn 4512 meters(14,804 feet)
Aiguille du Chardonnet 3822 meters(12,540 feet)
Matterhorn 4506 meters(14,782 feet)
Cima di Jazzi 3818 meters(12,527 feet)
Taschhorn 4498 meters(14,758 feet)
Balfrin 3802 meters(12,474 feet)
Mont Maudit 4471 meters(14,669 feet)
Pigne d'Arolla 3801 meters(12,471 feet)
Dent Blanche 4364 meters(14,318 feet)
Mont Velan 3765 meters(12,353 feet)
Dome du Gouter 4331 meters(14,210 feet)
Aiguille du Dru 3755 meters(12,320 feet)
Grand Combin 4317 meters(14,164 feet)
Tete Blanche 3750 meters(12,304 feet)
Castor 4230 meters(13,879 feet)
L'Eveque 3738 meters(12,264 feet)
Zinal Rothhorn 4223 meters(13,856 feet)
Mont Pleureur 3706 meters(12,159 feet)
Alphubel 4207 meters(13,803 feet)
Dome de Miage 3688 meters(12,100 feet)
Grandes Jorasses 4205 meters(13,797 feet)
Lo Besso 3675 meters(12,058 feet)
Rimpfischhorn 4203 meters(13,790 feet)
Aiguille de la Za 3673 meters(12,051 feet)
Strahlhorn 4191 meters(13,751 feet)
Mont Collon 3644 meters(11,956 feet)
Dent d'Herens 4180 meters(13,715 feet)
Diablons 3605 meters(11,828 feet)
Zermatt Breithorn 4171 meters(13,685 feet)
Aiguille de Tour 3540 meters(11,615 feet)
Aiguille Verte 4127 meters(13,541 feet)
Mont Gele 3517 meters(11,539 feet)
Ober Gabelhorn 4073 meters(13,364 feet)
Bec de Luseney 3506 meters(11,503 feet)
Aiguille de Bionnassay 4066 meters(13,341 feet)
Aiguille de Grepon 3502 meters(11,489 feet)
Allalinhorn 4034 meters(13,236 feet)
Chateau des Dames 3489 meters(11,447 feet)
Weissmies 4031 meters(13,226 feet)
Aiguille des Charmoz 3442 meters(11,293 feet)
Aiguille du Geant 4014 meters(13,170 feet)
Aiguille du Tacul 3438 meters(11,280 feet)
Laquinhorn 4005 meters(13,140 feet)
Grand Tournalin 3379 meters(11,086 feet)
Rossbodenhorn 4001 meters(13,128 feet)
Pointe de Rosa Blanche 3348 meters(10,985 feet)
Grand Cornier 3969 meters(13,022 feet)
Mont Avril 3341 meters(10,962 feet)
Aiguille de Trelatete 3911 meters(12,832 feet)
Grande Rochere 3326 meters(10,913 feet)
Aiguille d'Argentiere 3907 meters(12,819 feet)
Corno Bianco 3320 meters(10,893 feet)
Ruinette 3879 meters(12,727 feet)
Grauhaupt 3315 meters(10,876 feet)
Aiguille de Triolet 3876 meters(12,717 feet)
Pointe d'Orny 3274 meters(10,742 feet)
Mont Favre 3259 meters(10,693 feet)
Dent du Midi 3260 meters(10,696 feet)
Sasseneire 3259 meters(10,693 feet)
Tagliaferro 2964 meters(9725 feet)
Grand Golliaz 3240 meters(10,630 feet)
Riffelhorn 2931 meters(9617 feet)
Tour Sallieres 3227 meters(10,588 feet)
Pointe Percee du Reposoir 2752 meters(9029 feet)
Pizzo Bianco 3216 meters(10,552 feet)
Crammont 2737 meters(8980 feet)
Latelhorn 3207 meters(10,523 feet)
Pointe des Fours 2719 meters(8921 feet)
Schwarzhorn (Augstbord) 3204 meters(10,512 feet)
Pointe du Colloney 2692 meters(8832 feet)
Gornergrat 3136 meters(10,289 feet)
Catogne 2599 meters(8527 feet)
Pointe de Lechaud 3127 meters(10,260 feet)
Monte Bo 2556 meters(8386 feet)
Buet 3109 meters(10,201 feet)
Mont Joly 2527 meters(8291 feet)
Mont Ruan 3078 meters(10,099 feet)
Brevent 2525 meters(8284 feet)
Mont Neri 3070 meters(10,073 feet)
Pointe de Salles 2494 meters(8183 feet)
Bella Tola 3028 meters(9935 feet)
Aiguille de Varens 2488 meters(8163 feet)
Pointe de Tanneverge 2982 meters(9784 feet)
Mont Chetif 2343 meters(7687 feet)
Belvedere (Aigs Rouges) 2966 meters(9731 feet)
Mole 1869 meters(6132 feet)

Saleve (highest point) 1380 meters(4528 feet)

The chief passes of the Pennine Alps, from the Little St Bernard to the Simplon Pass, are:

Sesiajoch (Zermatt to Alagna), snow 4424 meters(14,515 feet)
Col de la Brenva (Courmayeur to Chamonix), snow 4333 meters(14,217 feet)
Domjoch (Randa to Saas), snow 4286 meters(14,062 feet)
Lysjoch (Zermatt to Gressoney), snow 4277 meters(14,033 feet)
Mischabeljoch (Zermatt to Saas), snow 3856 meters(12,651 feet)
Alphubel Pass (same to same), snow 3802 meters(12,474 feet)
Adler Pass (same to same), snow 3798 meters(12,461 feet)
Moming Pass (Zermatt to Zinal), snow 3745 meters(12,287 feet)
Schwarzthor (Zermatt to Ayas), snow 3741 meters(12,274 feet)
Col de Triolet (Chamonix to Courmayeur), snow 3691 meters(12,110 feet)
Ried Pass (St Niklaus to Saas), snow 3597 meters(11,800 feet)
New Weissthor (Zermatt to Macugnaga), snow 3580 meters(11,746 feet)
Allalin Pass (Zermatt to Saas), snow 3570 meters(11,713 feet)
Col de Valpelline (Zermatt to Aosta), snow 3562 meters(11,687 feet)
Biesjoch (Randa to Turtmann), snow 3549 meters(11,644 feet)
Triftjoch (Zermatt to Zinal), snow 3540 meters(11,615 feet)
Col d'Argentiere (Chamonix to Orsieres), snow 3516 meters(11,536 feet)
Col du Sonadon (Bourg St Pierre to the Val de Bagnes), snow 3489 meters(11,447 feet)
Col de Talefre (Chamonix to Courmayeur), snow 3484 meters(11,430 feet)
Col d'Herens (Zermatt to Evolena), snow 3480 meters(11,418 feet)
Col Durand (Zermatt to Zinal), snow 3474 meters(11,398 feet)
Col des Maisons Blanches (Bourg St Pierre to the Val de Bagnes), snow 3426 meters(11,241 feet)
Col de Bertol (Arolla to the Col d'Herens), snow 3414 meters(11,200 feet)
Col de Miage (Contamines to Courmayeur), snow 3376 meters(11,077 feet)
Col du Geant (Chamonix to Courmayeur), snow 3371 meters(11,060 feet)
Col du Mont Rouge (Val de Bagnes to the Val d'Heremence), snow 3341 meters(10,962 feet)
Col du Chardonnet (Chamonix to Orsieres), snow 3325 meters(10,909 feet)
Col de St Theodule (Zermatt to Chatillon), snow 3322 meters(10,899 feet)
Col du Tour (Chamonix to Orsieres), snow 3280 meters(10,762 feet)
Fenetre de Saleinaz (Saleinaz Glacier to Trient Glacier), snow 3264 meters(10,709 feet)
Col de Tracuit (Zinal to Turtmann), snow 3252 meters(10,670 feet)
Zwischbergen Pass (Saas to Gondo), snow 3248 meters(10,657 feet)
Col d'Oren (Val de Bagnes to the Valpelline), snow 3242 meters(10,637 feet)
Col de Seilon (Val de Bagnes to the Val d'Heremence), snow 3200 meters(10,499 feet)
Col du Cret (Val de Bagnes to the Val d'Heremence), snow 3148 meters(10,329 feet)
Col de Valcournera (Val Tournanche to the Valpelline), snow 3147 meters(10,325 feet)
Col de Collon (Arolla to Aosta), snow 3130 meters(10,270 feet)
Col de Valsorey (Bourg St Pierre to Aosta), snow 3113 meters(10,214 feet)
Col de Chermontane (Val de Bagnes to Arolla), snow 3084 meters(10,119 feet)
Cimes Blanches (Val Tournanche to Ayas), bridle path 2980 meters(9777 feet)
Col de Torrent (Evolena to the Val de Torrent), bridle path 2924 meters(9593 feet)
Augstbord Pass (St Niklaus to Turtmann), bridle path 2893 meters(9492 feet)
Col de Crete Seche (Val de Bagnes to the Valpelline), snow 2888 meters(9475 feet)
Col de Breuil (Bourg St Maurice to La Thuille), snow 2879 meters(9446 feet)
Col d'Olen (Alagna to Gressoney), bridle path 2871 meters(9420 feet)
Monte Moro (Saas to Macugnaga), partly bridle path 2862 meters(9390 feet)
Pas de Chevres (Arolla to the Val d'Heremence), foot path 2851 meters(9354 feet)
Antrona Pass (Saas to Antrona), partly bridle path 2844 meters(9331 feet)
Col de Sorebois (Zinal to the Val de Torrent), bridle path 2825 meters(9269 feet)
Col de Vessona (Valpelline to the St Barthelemy Glen), foot path 2794 meters(9167 feet)
Col de Fenetre (Val de Bagnes to Aosta), bridle path 2786 meters(9141 feet)
Z'Meiden Pass (Zinal to Turtmann), bridle path 2772 meters(9095 feet)
Turlo Pass (Alagna to Macugnaga), foot path 2736 meters(8977 feet)
Col de Fenetre (Great St Bernard to the Swiss Val Ferret), bridle path 2699 meters(8855 feet)
Bettafurka (Ayas to Gressoney), bridle path 2676 meters(8780 feet)
Col du Mont Tondu (Contamines to Courmayeur), snow 2590 meters(8498 feet)
Col Serena (Great St Bernard to Courmayeur), foot path 2538 meters(8327 feet)
Col Ferret (Courmayeur to Orsieres), carriage road in progress 2533 meters(8311 feet)
Col de la Seigne (Chapieux to Courmayeur) bridle path 2512 meters(8242 feet)
Col de Susanfe (Champery to Salvan), foot path 2500 meters(8202 feet)
Col du Bonhomme (Contamines to Chapieux), bridle path 2483 meters(8147 feet)
Col de Valdobbia (Gressoney to the Val Sesia), bridle path 2479 meters(8134 feet)
Great St Bernard (Martigny to Aosta), carriage road 2472 meters(8111 feet)
Col de Sagerou (Sixt to Champery), foot path 2413 meters(7917 feet)
Col de Moud (Alagna to Rima and Varallo), bridle path 2323 meters(7622 feet)
Col d'Anterne (Sixt to Servos), bridle path 2263 meters(7425 feet)
Col d'Egua (Rima to the Val Anzasca), bridle path 2236 meters(7336 feet)
Col de Balme (Chamonix to the Trient Valley), bridle path 2201 meters(7221 feet)
Simplon Pass (Brieg to Domo d'Ossola), carriage road over, railway tunnel beneath 2009 meters(6592 feet)
Col de Checouri (Courmayeur to the Lac de Combal), bridle path 1960 meters(6431 feet)
Baranca Pass (Varallo to the Val Anzasca), bridle path 1820 meters(5971 feet)
Col de Voza (Chamonix to Contamines), bridle path 1675 meters(5496 feet)
Col de la Forclaz (Chamonix to St Gervais), bridle path 1556 meters(5105 feet)
Col de la Forclaz (Trient Valley to Martigny), carriage road 1520 meters(4987 feet)

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