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Paraphilias are sexual desires or activities that lie outside the cultural norm, and under some conditions are considered mental disorders. The term was defined in its current use by the sexologist John Money[?].

Paraphilias are sometimes called sexual perversions or sexual deviations. What consitutes "perversion" or "deviation[?]" varies from society to society. Some paraphilias have been (and are) crimes in some jurisdictions. Others are viewed as harmless eccentricities by many people.

Some paraphilias are defined as potential mental disorders in the DSM-IV. Professional treatment is usually indicated only when such conditions lead to involvement of non-consenting sexual partners, or are clearly damaging to the physical or mental well-being of the paraphiliac.

Although homosexuality was once considered to be a paraphilia, it is not usually regarded as such any longer. Similarly, consensual sadomasochism, exhibitionism, voyeurism and non-psychotic forms of fetishism, urolagnia and even coprophilia are increasingly becoming culturally acceptable forms of sexuality.

Observation of paraphiliac behavior has provided valuable scientific information on the mechanisms of sexual attraction and desire, such as behavioral imprinting.

Non-consensual and criminal paraphilias:

Other paraphilias include:

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