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Paramecium is a well-known genus of ciliate protozoa, commonly studied as a representative of that group. They are slipper shaped and range from around 50 to 300 μm in length, with cilia and other structures typical of the order Peniculida. Paramecium species are widespread in freshwater environments, and have been known since the 1700s.

The species of Paramecium are still in flux, P. aurelia having been recently divided into 14 species.


  • P. aurelia Ehrenberg, 1838
  • P. bursaria (Ehrenberg) Focker, 1836
  • P. calkinsi Woodruff, 1921
  • P. caudatum Ehrenberg, 1838
  • P. duboscqui Chatton and Brachon, 1933
  • P. jenningsi Diller & Earl, 1958
  • P. multimicronucleatum Powers & Mitchell, 1910
  • P. nephridiatum von Gelei, 1925
  • P. polycaryum Woodruff, 1923
  • P. putrinum Claparede & Lachmann, 1858
  • P. trichium Stokes, 1885
  • P. woodruffi Wenrich, 1928

A number of doubtful species have been recorded also.

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