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A parable is a story that is told to illustrate a religious, moral or philosophical idea. They often involve a character facing a particular moral dillemma, or making a questionable decision and then suffering the consequences of that choice. Many classical stories, such as fairy tales, can be viewed as parables. Though parables often have a strong suggestion of how a person should behave or believe, many are simply explorations of a concept from a more neutral point of view. Aside from providing guidance and suggestions for proper action in life, parables give people a metaphorical language which allows them to discuss difficult or complex ideas more easily.

Parables are strongly favored in the expression of spiritual concepts. The best known specific source of parables is the Bible which contains numerous parables told by Jesus Christ and others.

Well known Biblical parables include:

Other parables include such tales as Fables which are parables with a very specific message, and classical mythology. Recently there has been some interest in the field of contemporary parable[?], exploring how modern stories can be used as parables in our current culture.

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