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Ormus was a kingdom in the 17th century around the Persian Gulf, in particular the Strait of Hormuz. The capital was the fortified port-city of Ormus which was one of the largest in the Middle East at the time and controlled sea-way trading routes to India. The city was probably located at the north shore of the Strait of Hormuz (maybe near the island of Hormoz). The city-state of Ormus is dated back to the 13th century when it controlled the slave market from Africa and Arabia to Khorasan[?] in Persia. The state religion was more likely a branch of Persian Zoroastrianism than of Islam, due to the name which can be afflicted with the Zoroastrianist God Ahura Mazda (later transcription: Ohrmazd).

"The Kingdome of Ormus
hath his owne King tributarte
vnto the King of Lu∫itania. it
containeth the whole shore of
Arabia from the paßage of the
riuer Euphrates vntil C. Raz. alga
ti, likewi∫e part of the Kingdome of
Per∫ia w. adioyneth to the Sea Ba∫ora
and almo∫t al the Ilands of the per∫ian
Gulfe. whose mothe r?itie is Ormus
in the Iland Geru
a famous mart"

-- John Speed, 1626
Note that some of this text is missing due to printing faults; the is the letter for s or sh as used in the script.
The underlined words in the text can also be deciphered as mother Litie, although there is a distinctive space between mothe and r and the L (marked by ? in the text) looks most like a (.

Compare to Ohrmuzd, Hormuz, Ohrmazd, Ahura Mazda

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