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Night is the time when a location is facing away from the Sun, and thus dark. On Earth, it is night on just under half the planet at any time. (The atmosphere refracts sunlight in such a way that some of it reaches the ground even when the sun is below the horizon.) Because of the rotation of Earth, when it is night on one side of the planet, it is day on the other side of the planet.

Throughout most of history, night was primarily a time of rest, because little work can be done in the dark. As artificial lighting[?] has improved, night-time activity has increased and become a significant part of the economy in many places.

Even without artificial light, moonlight sometimes makes it possible to travel or work outdoors at night.

Night is often associated with danger, because bandits and dangerous animals can be concealed by darkness. The belief in magic often includes the idea that magic, or magicians, are more powerful at night. Similarly, vampires and werewolves are associated with night.

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