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The term newbie (or n00b in leet-speak) is an informal term for a newcomer to a particular corner of cyberspace, such as a web log, newsgroup, or the World Wide Web itself. It can be used in either a disparaging or a friendly way.

It is often used against a new user apt to ask allegedly "dumb" questions and who generally acts gauchely and uncool, to the consternation or amusement of the old hands. Due to their inexperience, they are often picked on or have an unsatifying welcome. If friendly to the place, they tend to learn more and stay; if not friendly, they tend to be "kicked out" or ostracized from that place.

The term is also used by individuals or groups, known as regs[?], against any newcomer, whether the newcomer acts ignorantly or not. In this case, the regs attempt to show dominance by belittling the newbie. The newbie will be teased, and if the newbie reacts, the regs then use the reactions as justifications for the originally unjustified belittlements.

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