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Nevi'im, Hebrew:נביאים (=Prophets) is the second of three sections of the Hebrew Bible or Tanach. This section is divided into Nevi'im Ri'shonim (Earlier Prophets: Joshua through Kings) and Nevi'im Acharonim (Latter Prophets: Isaiah through Malachi). The books of Samuel and Kings are often each counted as one book, as are the last twelve.

Hebrew (English) עברית

  • Yehoshua` (Joshua) יהושע
  • Shoftim (Judges) שופטים
  • Shmu'el A (1 Samuel) שמואל א
  • Shmu'el B (2 Samuel) שמואל ב
  • Mlakhim A (1 Kings) מלכים א
  • Mlakhim B (2 Kings) מלכים ב
  • Yesha`yahu (Isaiah) ישעיהו
  • Yirmiyahu (Jeremiah) ירמיהו
  • Yechezq'el (Ezekiel) יחזקאל
  • Hoshea` (Hosea) הושע
  • Yo'el (Joel) יואל
  • Amos עמוס
  • `Ovadyah (Obadiah) עבדיה
  • Yonah (Jonah) יונה
  • Mikhah (Micah) מיכה
  • Nachum (Nahum) נחום
  • Chabaquq (Habakkuk) חבקוק
  • Tsfanya (Zephaniah) צפניה
  • Chagai (Haggai) חגי
  • Zkharya (Zechariah) זכריה
  • Malakhi (Malachi) מלאכי

The books of Lamentations (Eykhah, "How") and Daniel are in the Kethuvim, as is Chronicles, which is the last book of the Tanakh.

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